Colonial Rangers: Redux

Kari Erto's Diary


I either killed my sister or let her get captured… And I'm not sure what's worse. Now the CDF knows I'm the Silver Fox… Maybe I gave it away when two rangers and my sister had to help me morph so that I didn't become a sporeling… Maybe they already knew, I don't know. All I know is that I can't return to my house, see my friends… Anything. If I turn myself in, I'm in jail forever thanks to the tech I carry on my wrist that allows me to help those in need. Today, I saw two things I'd never seen come from the forest before. This… Impossibly strong bear and some… Wolf who was doing things that… I didn't think were possible, changing people without a physical infection, just waving his hand. I managed to help the Rangers subdue them both, but that still had its toll. I've got whiskers now, despite my shots being up to date. Which is troubling to say the very least. That means whenever I fight against the forest, I change more. Some hero I turned out to be…

Somehow she knew… She knew all of this would happen. I hope she knows how sorry I am if she's still alive… She has to be. That's all I have left to keep me going. I have to find out if she's OK. And get her back home. But the only way I can do that is by making sure the CDF can't track me anymore… I need to obfuscate this thing's draw somehow, or else find a new energy source.



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