Hilde Falksdottir



Hilde Falksdottir is an imposing sight, 6’2", 170 pounds and well muscled enough most grown men can’t take her in a fair fight, and rarely win even with the deck stacked in their favor. But Hilde was not always such an imposing Amazon, cold in stare and unflinching in purpose, she was once a young girl, 14 at the time of first landings.

Her last name literally means “Falk’s Daughter”, an old family tradition her extended family kept alive despite their time in cryo-sleep and the subsequent memory lose they endured. Her close family was original herself, her mother Byranda Nornsdottir, and her father Falk Alvasson, but her mother never made it to the ship, having died when Hilde was very young, so much so she barely remembered her mother, even less so after waking up after landing on Elysium.

Hilde’s father was not just any normal civilian, but a captain of the Colony Defense Force, charged with safe guarding the civilian population as they made their way on to the planet after awaking. He and his unit where among the first to be attacked by the hostile anthropomorphic native of the planet, and did their best to repel them and protect the citizens caught in the crossfire, his own daughter included.

The young girl almost died that day, a crazed native cat man lunging for her, making to devourer her. She heard the sound of flesh being impaled, but looking up could see it wasn’t her own, but her father’s, impaled, having thrown himself between her and crazed feline at the lat moment.

The cat man raised the impaled man up and made to tear him to pieces, but Falks still had fight left in him, and managed to reach back and grab the beastman by the neck and using all his might fueled by the mission to protect his only daughter no matter what, snapped the giant’s neck.

The attack was soon repled, but Falk’s wounds where to severe, holding his daughter as he succumb to his wounds with tearful eyes his last words to her where to “Be strong for me, my daughter.” Falk and many more died that day, but Hilde thought only of her father’s final words to her over the following week after the disaster dubbed the “First Contact Massacre”.

After she and other extended family gave her father a traditional boat cremation on a nearby lake, sickened she was to weak to save her father Hilde marched into the CDF office and demanded of the instructor she be allowed to join, knowing full well the minimum age was 16 to start basic training.

When told she couldn’t Hilde steadfastly refused to leave until the instructor said yes. Unable to convince her to leave he was forced to call security to remove her by force, and although they tried the three grown men who answered that call where solemnly beaten down by Hilde, despite out numbering her and being nearly twice her size.

Needless to say this convinced the instructor that Hilde not only has the qualifications for CDF in spades, but also that she was filled with the same determination her father always showed, and that to deny his daughter would be to dishonor is memory. So an exception was made for Hilde, and she joined in earnest the following day.

Over the next decade Hilde underwent an amazing transformation, from a 120 pound, 5’1" girl, to a statuesque 170 pound, 6’2" amazon of a woman, the equal if not greater of any man in hand to hand combat or feats of endurance. Not only this but she did this without the aid if any of the rampantly available illegal performance enhancing drugs, her size and musculature was borne purely from her family’s blood line, famous for growing tall at puberty and packing on muscle with ease.

Though seeing her father die in front of her hand another affect on Hilde, she had become withdrawn emotionally, to the point of never smiling, or showing outward, “soft” compassion for another, though she did enjoy causal rough sex from time to time, it was purely for the fun of it, and never carried any emotional attachment. It was a running gag of sorts among CDF members that if Hilde ever smiled, it was because someone was either about to get their or already had their ass kicked by her, fighting was what Hilde did best.

It’s not to say she is without emotions, she still does care for people, even if the sight of infected revolt her on a core level, part of being a member of CDF was protecting everyone, even the infected born from exposure to natives through scratches and bites, she always did her duty, even if she didn’t like it.

She was chosen as a candidate for the experimental Powered Ranger program a few years before the current date, jumping at the chance no matter how risky the work or how painful transformation process might be, becoming the Blue Powered Ranger.


Ranger S.A.E.I.W. Stats

Strength: 6
Agility: 5
Endurance: 6
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3

Hilde’s strength and endurance are the result of her unending quest to be as strong as she can be, building off of her father’s last words to her, despite him meaning “inner strength” rather then outer brawn. Still Hilde is almost as agile as she is strong and enduring, but is less nimble as she is fast, much like a bull; You don’t really notice how fast such a large beast can be till they’re in your face plowing you into a wall.

Her main faults as a person lies in her lacking Willpower, while she puts on a tough facade and acts as if she has no feelings in truth the facade is just that, a veneer to hide her fragile inner psyche, she fears attachment and loss, and those can be used against her by the right person, but she can be roused to fight back, but only by some special people.

While her Intelligence is also average compared to a normal person this represents Hilde not being a “thinker”, but also not having a mental handicap of any kind. She can read, write and do basic math as easy as anyone, but prefers to focus less on the mind and more on the body. The difference between Intelligence and Wisdom, as it were. Hilde knows what she needs to know to get by.


Five Fun Facts about Falksdottir!

1. Hilde spends most of her free time working out or taking power naps to recharge, so finding her sleeping while sitting up or leaning against a wall isn’t uncommon. Just don’t try anything funny thinking her guard is down, unless you want a broken hand and bruised ego.

2. Despite being an extremely determined and willing to follow orders Hilde has something of rebellious streak, telling off superiors who try to pull rank her without having earned her respect first, and more then one has been knocked out for mouthing off to her.

3. The rumor mill among CDF troops has it that Hilde is only as large and strong as she is because she takes illegal “male growth hormones”, to the point she’s even grown a penis. She has on more then one occasion been court marshaled for debunking this rumor by literally pulling down her pants and underwear to show without a doubt she’s still fully female despite her Amazonian stature.

4. Will just not stay down. Hilde has an extreme, inhuman tolerance for pain, to the point no matter how badly she’s hurt she will get back on her feet, even going so far on the occasions she’s been knocked having somehow managed to stay upright while completely KO’ed.

5. Likes rough casual sex from time to time. A running credit pull exists among both male and female members of the CDF on who can last more then one round with Hilde in the sack. The pool totals over two thousands credits and no one has yet to claim it. Hilde doesn’t mind as it’s one more way to exercise and “win a fight” at the same time. Her partners are often left bruised and walking funny for a week after but tend to comment in hindsight that it was “worth it”.

Bonus Fact!: Hilde speaks with a pronounced Nordic accent, but given no remembers anything about the old earth or any of it’s cultures, and only those of large stature like Hilde seem to have the specific accent it’s jokingly dubbed a “Giant’s accent”.


Goals in Life

1. Live up to her Father’s dying wish and become strong enough to protect everyone.

2. Destroy every trace of the illicit shape shifting drug rampant on the planet.

3. Secure peace between the natives and human colonists. Even if force is the only way.


Hilde Falksdottir

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