Lia Hopes


Age: 27
Body Modifications: Ear piercings in left ear, Right ear has a chunk missing
Body Type: Human
Build: Slim
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: White
Gender: Female
Hair: Black, long
Height: 5’3
Occupation: Chemist / Possible Red Ranger
Orientation: Bi
Personality: Happy Go lucky, Good at making friends, hard to get down
Species: Human
Bio: She stands at 5 feet, 3 inches and under the clothing she is wearing she has a very toned body from the exploring and whatever else that goes on. She has C-cup breasts and an ample butt, black hair flows down from her head.


Five Facts about Lia Hope
1. Missing part of her right ear, it still works fine, it just looks torn
2. Likes to drink, but doesn’t like to get drunk
3. Enjoys reading books
4. Has worked as a chemistry scientist for the last 6 years
5. Has a sweet tooth

Three Goals
1. To figure out the origin of SRS
2. To understand how it transforms people
3. To find a nice safe place to live

Shown Changes:
She has greying hair on her head, her canines are more pointed and her hands are rougher (same as her feet)

Less noticeable changes: She has a tint of yellow around the edge of her eyes and her nose is more sensative, she also shaves as to hide her bodies other changes though this would just be taken as the scientists cleanliness, Also if left alone her nails will become claws so she trims and files them to a rounded edge.


Lia Hopes

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