Samantha MacReedy


It’s the far future. Humanity has spread into the stars, using huge colony ships loaded with cryogenically frozen colonists. Its original homeworld has been lost to history. One of these ships has arrived at a lush world, filled with resources and ripe for colonization. However, within a short time of landing, they found that the local wildlife were extremely hostile- attacking colonists, wrecking equipment, etc. There even appears to be sentient life- anthropomorphic animals in a tribal-style civilization scattered around the world. Over the ten years since landing, the incursions by the natives have become stronger and more successful, stressing the Colony Defense Force to its limit. The administrator has decided to enact the Ranger Program as a last line of defense.

Within the colony of Listu on the planet Elysium, there are those that defend mankind from the onslaught of the beasts: The Powered Rangers. The woman claiming the title of Black Ranger is Samantha MacReedy – Doctor, Medic, and all around over achiever/workaholic. She’s shorter than average, a paltry five feet even, compared to her fellow rangers and coworkers within Listu’s medbay and infirmary. In spite of her small size, the spit-fire of a redhead is looking to help humanity gain a foothold on Elysium. Providing much needed doctoring and medication, she has come across a strange new virus which may threaten the colony’s very existence.

Age: 28
Body modifications: Piercings
Body type: Human
Build: Slim
Eye color: Green
Skin color: White with freckles
Gender: Female
Hair: Short, Curly and Red
Height: 5’
Occupation: Doctor/Power Ranger
Orientation: Unsure
Personality: Knowledgeable, tenacious, grumpy
Species: Human
Weight: 120 lbs



Five Facts about Doc MacReedy
1. The doctor is an insomniac, often going days without sleeping. She’s quite cranky.
2. Samantha hates to repeat herself. Listen once and listen carefully.
3. Miss MacReedy prefers to be in control at all times. No drinking, no drugs, no fun what-so-ever.
4. In her off-time, Samantha prefers to read through what little ethnographies there are about those infected with SRS and the native population of Elysium.
5. Some might say that the doctor has some serious short man syndrome going on. They might be right.
BONUS SIXTH FACT: She was the one who discovered the SRS virus.

Three Goals
1. Find and devise a cure for SRS at large..

Samantha MacReedy

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