Renegade Ranger, alias "The Silver Fox"

Non-Registered user of Ranger Armor technology.


Age: Unknown
Reported Height: Roughly 1.8m
SRS Species: Canidae Vulpes
Gender: Female
Real Identity: Kari Erto

Reported Appearance: A silver armor with no insignia. The helmet, boots and tail suggest a ‘Fox’ persona. It is unknown if the person is an SRS infected or a citizen of the colony. Sightings of the renegade indicate that it is a padded armor with a silk-like cloth, silver in color with black styling highlights draping their body. The helmet is shaped as though it were a fox’s skull, with a mouth guard where the lower jaw would be. It is unclear if the claws present on the costume’s hand and foot protective coverings are their own or not.


Sighting Notes: All sightings coincide with a power-use spike that would indicate an unauthorized use of the Ranger Armor technology. Witnesses describe the renegade as appearing suddenly, usually with a flash or a mist accompanying their appearance. They fight erratically, using the agility and strength augmentations typically present in one using the Armored Ranger technology along side a variety of moves. Abilities have been reported as including the ability to duplicate herself, confusion and temporary blindness inducing lights and a general high level of agility and dexterity. Witnesses describe her movements ‘As though from a holovid’, complete with catchphrases, dramatic posing and explosions that munitions experts have not been able to trace the residue of. The source of these abilities is unknown, though they may be other re-purposed technologies.

Their targets have thus far only included other SRS infected residents of the slums, though witness reports claim them to have been ganging up on a sole target on a basis of at least 3-to-1 and then defending them single handed. The administration remains skeptical of their true motives.

Wanted for:

  • Multiple counts of sabotage of colony resources
  • Possession of contraband material
  • Vigilantism
  • Multiple counts of Assault and Battery (Witnesses report it was in self defence of others, but a formal processing regarding these counts is still required)
  • Disruption of the peace

Official Instructions to CDF Members: Arrest if at all possible. Ranger Armor use authorized. Use of force authorized if they will not come quietly.

Renegade Ranger, alias "The Silver Fox"

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