Colony Timestamp structure:


If one or more of the entries is marked as X, it indicates that the specific time is unnecessary or not logged.


-5:231:X:X – Colony Vessel Horizon departs Origin, under control of the automatic systems aboard.

-5:230:X:X – CV Horizon enters the Farcaster Ring, is sent across space to a new solar system. Automated scans begin immediately, and identify a planet with an extensive biosphere and breathable atmosphere. Computer gives the planet the provisional name of Elysium.

0:0:0:0 – CV Horizon enters orbit of Elysium. Automated scans begin of potential landing sites for the three colony pods aboard.

0:30:0:0 – Scans completed and landing sites identified. Pods are ejected from CV Horizon and begin ballistic orbits.

0:30:4-5:0 – Colony pods 1-3 enter atmosphere and touch down. Pod deployment proceeds.

0:37:0:0 – Initial colony construction complete. Colonists begin cryo awakening procedures and populate colony

0:37:12:0 – First contact with hostile fauna.

0:40:X:X – First documented case of SRS.

1:218:X:X – Colony expansion plans indefinately halted due to ongoing hostilities with native life. Expansion zone becomes known as the Slums.

4:94:X:X – First contact with native anthros.

9:0:X:X – Colony Administration initiates the Ranger Initiative.

10:0:0:0 – Campaign start.


Colonial Rangers: Redux Mabmoro