Colonial Rangers: Redux


The Thoughts of the Blue Ranger


I don't know where to begin with my latest log.  We have survived our first encounter with the natives of the world, but at what cost?   The city was overrun for a short time just after the ceremony, and so much happened in the chaos, I can barely recall it.   The others are all right, on the mend, we did our jobs as rangers in defending our home.   The question remains, how did these things get into the city?


I have my suspicions, though I will keep them to myself.  I did my job as the Blue Ranger, and I was one of the few who went through the whole ordeal unchanged.  Some of the others were transformed and shifted back.  I thought our armors were supposed to protect us.  Then again, I thought that shamans and such creatures as we fought weren't able to get into the city.  As it is, with all the anger and frustration in the slums, I can see many ways they could.   That the high city ignores the lower concerns me.   Those people deserve help.  Just because they are transformed, it doesnt make them any less human, at least, until that last stage.  Even then, I think there must be a way to turn them back.


I have to hope for my sister's sake.   


Then there is the matter of the silver ranger.  Our brief encounters have encouraged me.  She fights for the people of the low city, and she wants to protect them where we havent.  All the same, I don't know how she got her armor.  She's not as immune as the rest of us, but she fights a hell of a lot better than most of the core put together.   I know I am not much of a fighter, Im a thinker.  My father said I could be a diplomat.  Then again, he himself turned into one of the outsiders, along with mom.  

I miss them, even now.   I wish I hadn't had to do what I did….but…for Keiko's sake I did.  Now I am sticking my neck out for someone I don't even know.   They have a warrent out for the Silver Ranger.  I think i can bring her in, peacefully.  She's a valuable asset, a great fighter, and we need all the help we can get.  I know that the others will suspect her, and I am the one who is risking a great deal among us to do it.   I want to bring a light to the plight of the slums though.  Everyone here knows someone who was changed….its just the high city seems to forget or ignore that fact.  Well, its time they remembered, its time they saw that the changed can fight as we do, and can seek to find the solutions to our problems.


I only hope I am right…



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