Ben Almeida

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Ben Almeida is 6’4" tall and 210 lbs. His eyes are a shade in between blue and green, and his skin is tanned and weatherbeaten. Like most other Colonial Rangers (the color-coded Armored branch in particular), he is exceptionally fit. He keeps his shoulder-length orange hair in a ponytail, and given a choice, he wears clothes whose cut and fashion are 10-15 years out of date.

Ben used to be a fairly amiable person, but after a number of hard (if not traumatic) experiences, he’s become rather more cold. He can be ruthless, if not utterly brutal, in his determination to protect intact humans from being transformed by the Enemy.

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Five Facts

1. Blames himself for the SRS of his brother, Gerry.
2. Maintains and uses an obsolete, decade-plus-old tablet which belonged to his father.
3. Because of the high-casualty missions he’s notorious for, many Rangers think Ben is a “bad luck charm”.
4. Favorite weapon is a monomolecular dagger with a 9" blade.
5. Mildly allergic to garlic.

Three Goals

1. Protect the colony from SRS.
2. Find a cure for Gerry.
3. Protect humans, in general.


Ben is the firstborn of 5 children in an upper-middle-class family. 2nd was brother Gerry; 3rd, sister Anne; 4th, sister Heloise; 5th, little brother Albern. When they were growing up, all the younger siblings loved Ben, who, in turn, returned their affection.

The Colony ship landed when Ben was 13. Not long after that, the Enemy attacked his family’s home/camp. Both of Ben’s parents were lost in this attack; the last thing he remembers of his mother was her standing between some sort of lizard-thing and her children, buying them the precious moments they needed to reach safety. This trauma left a deep impression on the siblings. Ben joined the Rangers as soon as he was old enough, and Gerry did likewise a year or so later.

One evening early in Ben’s Ranger career, the Enemy made a bold blitzkrieg attack on the home of an influential Colony leader. The attack occurred at an hour when few Rangers were actually on duty, and Ben was one of those few. During the battle, Ben managed to save the life of the Colony leader’s daughter. That leader regards themself as owing Ben any number of favors. Their daughter hero-worships Ben, who, in turn, regards her as sort of a kid sister.

On Gerry’s first mission in the field as a Ranger, Ben was assigned to Gerry’s unit. This mission went horribly wrong; at least one or two other Rangers ended up dead, and both Almeida brothers were heavily injured + transformed. The CO who ran that fateful mission blames Ben for its failure, and has been quite hostile to him ever since.

Both Ben and Gerry were hospitalized for 15 months, recovering from their severe injuries. Sadly, Gerry remained part-animal, with piercing avian eyes, black hair with some feathers on his head, overly long and pointy black fingernails, scales on the backs of his hands, and avian legs from mid-thighs to foot-talons. Ben, however, reverted back to 100% human within the first 10 months of his convalescence. The debacle hit Ben harder than Gerry; he needed a lot more psychological counseling than his sibling before he was deemed fit for duty. Both brothers were offered the option of honorable discharge, but only Gerry accepted this offer.

Since then Ben’s Ranger career has been more than usually active. Among the highlights are such things as a hard-fought Enemy incursion, during the course of which almost everything Ben owned was destroyed; a mission in which many civilians and Rangers were lost, and Ben was deemed officially responsible; and a one-on-one battle against a high-ranking lizardlike Enemy.

The Colony started the Colonial Ranger program about a year ago. Thanks to his recovery from near-total transformation, Ben was one of the first Rangers offered a CR position, and he accepted.

Ben Almeida

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