Jason Hunter

A young ranger, fighting to defend what remains of his family


jason hunter is what we on our Earth would call Asian descent. He’s got the look, the dark almond-shaped eyes, short dark hair and fair complexion. His body is not tall or muscled, but powerful for its size, well worked out from his duties. He tends to wear simple attire when in civilian mode, things that are comfortable to fight or act in. Jason is the eldest of three siblings who lost their parents in an invasion.

Recent Changes: Jason had noticeably longer nails but he has since trimmed them. Those who know him would also note he seems uncomfortable lately, but unless seeing him naked they wouldn’t know why. The reason: His genitals seem to have changed to avian state.


Jason has taken on the duties both as a ranger and the eldest responsible party with two younger siblings after his parents were transformed into an attack. He has two younger siblings, Jake (15) and Keiko (11) Keiko was transformed partially by her mother before she was wrenched away, and Jason has done his best to help her with her new condition. He is a hard worker, and had wanted to be a veterinarian before he became a ranger. Now he hopes to use his training to try to find a way to change people back more easily.

Ranger S.A.E.I.W. Stats
Strength: 6
Agility: 5
Endurance: 6
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3

Five Fun Facts about Jason
1. He does not like the way the changed are treated by the colony, and thinks that the downtrodden deserve equal rights and protection.

2. He wanted to be the Blue Ranger but that color was taken so he decided on bold red.

3. Jason’s veterinary skills were nearing their completion when he joined the ranger program so he knows a great deal about animal anatomy.

4. Jason visits the slums from time to time to try to help the people there.

5. Jason is very protective of his siblings.


Goals in Life
1. Find a way to reverse changes in people.

2. Get equal protection, food and shelter for those in the slums.

3. Secure peace with the natives and the colony.

Jason Hunter

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