Kari Erto

Fox Infected Technician, Slum Resident


Her clothing is a simple stained and dirty white t-shirt with jeans. Both are stitched and patched in multiple places, and the stains look like grease and oil. Her hair is a dark red with fox ears sticking out of her hair. Whiskers are now growing on her face since the Anniversary Battle. It’s not clear if she still has human ears or not, as those spots are also covered by hair. Her eyes are a striking blue, and her complexion is a light tan from being outdoors a lot, with several faint scars across her body, but not clean scars like a blade might produce. More likely from work-related accidents.

Her frame is lithe and wiry. She is not overly muscular, but nor does she appear to be a weakling. She has a tail sticking out of a specially stitched hole in her jeans, which now seems to have additional fur making the area more uncomfortable and her nails appear to have hardened and thinned to become sharp claws.

Known to be the renegade using stolen Ranger Armor technology, alias, The Silver Fox. Threat report here


Five years ago, while she was on vacation from academy with her family, she was caught in the crossfire of an attack on the colony… Her parents disappeared, assumed KIA but no bodies were found… Her sister, Liza, was turned to the point that Kari makes certain that she gets her booster shots regularly. If she’s exposed to anything that could induce her to change further… Its possible she might lose her sister. To add to the family tragedy, she was considered too mutated to continue studies for fear of infection on the other students.

To bring in credits to take care of herself and her sister, she uses the engineering major she had been working on to use, setting up a refurbishment shop near the junkyard, selling repaired tech she finds there and maintaining things for others in the slums to try to keep their quality of living to some reasonable standard… Though the look in her eye says she feels its an uphill struggle, having to deal with the gangs and occasional lack of supplies from the colony at large.

Ranger S.A.E.I.W. Stats
Strength: 3
Agility: 7
Endurance: 3
Intelligence: 7
Willpower: 5

Five Fun Facts about Kari
1. She was in the top 10% of her class in CDF Academy in the Engineering program
2. She continues to practice and study in her free-time with the resources afforded to those in the slums
3. While not proud of her SRS, she is determined to prove that it is not as much of a disability as people in the main colony seem to think.
4. She is known to help lead scavenging missions to help better the lives of those in the slums
5. She enjoys sweets but hasn’t been able to enjoy them at all since moving to the slums.


Goals in Life
1. Get equal protection, food and shelter for those in the slums.
2. Keep her sister safe and give her the same opportunities that she had at her age.
3. Prove that those in the slums should not be cast aside just because they are changed.

Kari Erto

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