Keiko Hunter

The youngest hunter, and partially transformed to a cat child


Keiko Hunter is 11 years old, and looking at her you would forgive yourself for doing a double take. While there are still aspects of her humanity, she now has cat ears, claws on hands and feet, pads on her palms and the bottoms of her feet, her nose is pink and little bits of tabby grey fur all over. She still has her black hair but it has little bits of blue in it now since she dyed it. She has more fur on her arms, and she’s grown whiskers recently. She wears comfortable clothing tailored to her new attributes.


Keiko is the youngest of the Hunter siblings, she was partially transformed by her mother when she was transformed in an attack. Fortunately for Keiko, she was wrenched away before too much could happen. She is still a happy little girl, trying her best to be normal and grow up as she is now. She looks up to Jason.

Keiko Hunter

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